By Keone Downing

Lifetime Commitment!

I took this photo specially for your father who shaped this splendid board given to me by Bob Simpson. I surf with it everyday since three years and treasure it despite it’s grand age, nearly 30 years. When I take a great wave, I always have a thought for George Downing. I thought you should know. Hope to meet you one day too. Aloha, Ivan!

By Keone Downing

Stood Tall..Did Nothing At All!

Went straight to 15 ft. (Faces). No time to try her out before going to PR. Had to eat it twice. Once down the face and once on my first cutback. Then ….my friend…I got DA WAVE. Whew….what a heavy bottom turn. Been on quads for so long I wasn’t expecting the muscle power that big fin provides. Then I found myself in the sweet spot and “stood tall..did nothing at all” as the saying goes.
Aloha, Robbie
By Keone Downing

Typhoon Surfing!

Aloha Keone.
Rode on the Japanese Typhoon sweet for the first time today, by your made for me Surfboard.
Waves were chest to head high.
・Easy take off.
・Fast paddling.
・Good drive.
・Very cool paint.
・Speed is generated from the surfboard.
Also saving money to order the next board.
Thank you very much!!  Mahalo!!!   – Yasushi
By Keone Downing

Robbie’s board

My board is beyond my expectations. So freakin good in these waves. I parked myself 15 to 20 yards outside my 2 buddies and got all the bombs. Dropping in on the rights, wide bottom turn, whiplash ( well…whiplash for a 68 yr old gezzer) cutback and do it again and again and again. Lefts were fast to the extreme. So fast man but the board allowed me to keep control.  In 2x OH it never felt out of control. WHEwww Bradda, Thank you for that board. I’ll be riding it in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in November.
– Robbie
By Keone Downing

Perfect Board for Anywhere

This board is the BEST! I love it so much & as you knew when shaping it, its perfect here in SoCal, Hawaii, and Costa Rica 🙂 I’ve been having a blast on it!

– Heidi

PC: Scott Presti